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Together is better

In the digital age in which we live, connection has become a fundamental part of our daily lives. At Hotel Re-Versiliana, we believe that being connected does not only mean being online, but also building authentic relationships with the people around us, with nature and with the culture of the extraordinary territory that surrounds us.

Our communal spaces are designed to release the positive and regenerating energy that we want to transmit to our guests.

The bar

Imagine a bar that has been able to RE-INVENT itself, while maintaining a touch of tradition and a pinch of eccentricity. Here, the friendliness and cordiality of the staff will make you feel at home, but with that extra quid that only a well-kept and cosy environment can offer. Forget the clichés, here you won't find palm trees and deckchairs, but a socialising and dining experience that is revolutionary in its simplicity!

And be prepared for the best: we won't offer you the usual boring and predictable drinks: our offer ranges from the most creative cocktails to timeless classics, to please the most demanding and curious taste buds.


The lobby

The lobby of the Re-Versiliana hotel is a perfect mix of modernity and tradition, design and simplicity: the colourful walls and the eye-catching, avant-garde, industrial furniture will make you feel as if you are in another dimension, where monotony has no place. Here, every detail is designed to amaze and amuse, without ever falling into the banal.

Our lobby is the perfect place for a globetrotter: isn't sharing experiences, emotions and making new acquaintances the ultimate aim of our endless journey?


The Garden

Don't expect the classic garden, we are unconventional, not traditional! Among the colourful tables, the hammocks that invite you to indulge in a moment of laziness, and the colourful poufs that seem to be clamouring to be used for a well-deserved rest, you breathe a cheerful, informal and decidedly unconventional atmosphere.

The wide open spaces are designed to give free rein to your desire to relax and socialise: our garden is all about essentiality and spontaneity, just like the soul of a passionate traveller.


Multifunctional space

At the Re-Versiliana hotel we have thought of everything and everyone, even those who want to dedicate themselves to business during their stay. Live & work but have fun: a good digital nomad knows how to best reconcile life, work and fun, which is why we have thought of a space dedicated to your smart working needs.

The multifunctional space of the Re-Versiliana is designed to host corporate events, business meetings, and team building activities, but with a style all of its own: here the atmosphere is dynamic and stimulating, ideal for giving the right impetus to your ideas and projects. Imagine a place where classic seating on hard chairs is replaced by functional armchairs and sofas, and where sterile walls give way to bright colours. This is our multifunctional space: an environment designed to foster sharing, collaboration and inspiration.


The meeting room

In the Re-Versiliana's meeting room, events and work sessions are transformed into lively moments of exchange, just the way you like it, digital nomad 2.0: with a capacity of 60 people, the room is equipped with a video projector and motorised screen, to guarantee you a perfect presentation. You can also take advantage of our catering service to organise coffee breaks and business lunches, so you can entertain your colleagues and guests even during breaks. The dynamic décor is designed to encourage the sharing of ideas and collaboration... At the Re-Versiliana you can reconcile life, work and fun!

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